Picton man convicted of animal cruelty receives 10-year ban on owning animals

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IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Picton, ON (May 15, 2017) – A 27-year-old man from Picton, ON has been sentenced to a 10-year ban on owning animals after being convicted of animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA Act as a result of an investigation into the treatment of a dog in his care. The Ontario SPCA received a report on January 4, 2017 about an animal in distress at a residence in Picton. An officer attended the property and discovered an emaciated Rottweiler-type dog in need of immediate veterinary attention. The dog’s ribs were clearly visible, its hip bones protruded and it was vomiting constantly. A veterinary examination revealed the dog, which was approximately five years old, was suffering from kidney disease, chronic ear infections and was infested with worms. Due to the severity of the dog’s condition, it was humanely euthanized at the recommendation of a veterinarian. On May 5, 2017, Wesley Adam McGrayne, 27, pled guilty in a Picton Provincial Offences Court to permitting distress to an animal. Justice of the Peace Ernest Parsons sentenced McGrayne to a 10-year prohibition on owning animals, with the exception of two cats in his care that he is permitted to keep. He also received two years probation. During that time he is subject to inspections twice per year by an Ontario SPCA officer and must produce veterinary records to demonstrate that the cats are receiving annual veterinary examinations. “There is no excuse when it comes to failing to care for your animals,” says Bonnie Bishop, Senior Inspector, Ontario SPCA. “If you find yourself in a position where you are unable to care for your animals, contact your local animal centre or humane society to discuss your options.” To report animal cruelty or neglect, call the Ontario SPCA’s province-wide dispatch centre at 310-SPCA. ## MEDIA CONTACT Melissa Kosowan Ontario SPCA mkosowan@ospca.on.ca 289-383-5968 Ontario SPCA and Humane Society: Protecting animals since 1873, Ontario SPCA is Ontario’s Animal Welfare organization. A registered charity comprised of close to 50 communities. Since 1919, when Ontario’s first Animal Welfare legislation was proclaimed, the Ontario SPCA, with the help of its Communities, has been entrusted to maintain and enforce Animal Welfare legislation. The Act provides Ontario SPCA Agents and Inspectors with police powers to do so. Ontario SPCA provides leadership in animal welfare innovations including introducing high-volume spay/neuter services to Ontario and opening the Provincial Education and Animal Centre. OntarioSPCA.ca Adopt • Learn • Volunteer • Donate Charitable Business Number 88969 1044 RR0002
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