Save the Date: Join Us for Our Fix Your Pet Twitter Party March 27th

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Twitter partyMarch has been dedicated to sharing the importance of having your pets spayed and neutered. To end Fix Your Pet month, we will be holding a Twitter party!

This event will be a great chance for you to discuss your thoughts on fixing your pet, to share photos of your furry friends, to get some insight into Ontario SPCA Spay/Neuter Services and WIN an Ontario SPCA prize pack!

Two of our Twitter party participants will be randomly chosen to win a prize pack filled with Ontario SPCA swag! Sound exciting? Make sure you’re logged in to Twitter and ready to join us on Thursday, March 27th, 2014, at 8:00 pm.

Follow @OntarioSPCA and use the hashtag #FixYourPet.

This is the first ever Twitter party hosted by the Ontario SPCA! Don’t miss out on being a part of this exciting night!

For every animal you save

For every animal you save, every animal who feels loved in their last moments, and for everything else you do; thank you and God Bless.