Selecting the right toy for your dog

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It’s important for your canine companion to have enrichment, but selecting the perfect toy involves more than just grabbing the first colourful item off the shelf. There are key considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best toys for your dog. Here are some helpful tips for selecting the right toy for your pup! 

Choose the right size 

When it comes to dog toys, size plays a crucial role. The size of the toy should match your dog’s breed and individual preferences. Large breeds may require more robust toys that can withstand their powerful jaws, while smaller breeds may prefer smaller, easily maneuverable toys. Additionally, avoid toys that are too small and could pose a choking hazard. A good rule of thumb is to choose a toy that your dog can comfortably carry and play with without struggling. 

Texture for teething 

If you have a puppy or a dog that loves to chew, consider the texture of the toy. Puppies experience teething and providing them with appropriate chewing outlets can save your furniture from becoming their target. Opt for toys with different textures, such as rubber, nylon, or fabric, to keep your pup engaged and soothe their sore gums. Look for options that are labeled as safe for teething to ensure they meet your dog’s needs. 

Durability for chewers 

For dogs with a strong chewing instinct, durability is key. Look for toys made from tough materials like rubber or nylon or other dog friendly materials that can withstand vigorous chewing. Reinforced seams and sturdy construction are also important considerations. While no toy is completely indestructible, choosing toys designed for heavy chewers will help extend their lifespan and keep your dog entertained longer. 

Interactive toys

Stimulate your dog’s mind and provide mental enrichment by incorporating interactive toys into their playtime. Puzzle toys, treat dispensers, and toys that encourage problem-solving can engage your dog’s cognitive abilities. These toys not only provide mental stimulation but also help prevent boredom, reducing the likelihood of destructive behavior. 

Consider your dog’s preferences 

Just like humans, dogs have preferences when it comes to play. Some dogs love to fetch, while others prefer tug-of-war or solo play. Observe your dog’s behavior and tailor your toy selection to their preferences. If your dog loves to fetch, choose a durable ball or a frisbee. For tug-of-war enthusiasts, select a strong rope toy. Pay attention to what captures your dog’s interest and choose toys that align with their natural instincts and play style. 

Choosing the best toys for your dog involves considering their size, chewing habits, and play preferences. By selecting toys that cater to your dog’s individual needs, you not only enhance their physical and mental well-being, but you also strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend, as well.  

Interested in making your own toys? The Ontario SPCA has a couple of great DIY projects that might suit your needs. Learn how to make your own rope toy or treat dispenser using items in your home. 

Be sure to keep an eye on your dog while they’re playing with their toys and regularly inspect and replace worn-out toys to ensure your dog’s safety and continued enjoyment.  

Remember, the perfect toy is the one that brings joy and excitement to both you and your canine companion. 





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