The story behind Smiley the blind therapy dog

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smiley the blind therapy dog, pal, joanne george
Left to right, Joanne George, Smiley, Pal, Kevin MacKenzie.

We are so excited to have Joanne George and her dogs, Smiley and Pal join us on our podcast this week!

You may know Smiley from his huge Instagram and Facebook following as Smiley the blind therapy dog. Pal, recently added to Joanne’s family, is also on Instagram as The Golden Life of Pal!

In Part 1 of this incredible interview with Joanne, we hear about where Smiley came from, and the challenges of raising a blind dog.

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This is Smiley: Part 1 of interview with owner Joanne George

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Part 2 coming soon!

In Part 2 of this podcast, we hear Pal’s story – the challenges he’s faced since coming to Canada from Istanbul, and how he’s quickly stealing the hearts of his family, and the world.

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Totally rock

All of your wonderful staff & volunteers totally rock. The amazing compassion and work you provide on a daily basis is incredible.