Tag Days

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There was a day last year when I was doing chores around the house, and I noticed my dog Jersey was conspicuously absent. My husband had just left for work and I figured he had let her into the back yard. Upon inspection of the back yard, there was no Jersey and my heart started to race. Where was she? Walking around the side of the house, I noticed the gate to the backyard was ajar and my heart just dropped. Running out into the front yard, I was completely panicking. Jersey has an affinity for chasing the neighbourhood rabbits, and she is fast she could have been gone a few blocks over in a matter of minutes.

When I saw her saying hello to one of the neighbour’s dogs just up the street, I was both upset and relieved. What if something had happened to her, such as being hit by a car or get lost?

While our story had a happy ending as I was able to bring an unharmed Jersey back home, I also had the reassurance that she was wearing her collar and tags. If she had gotten farther away and been recovered by a shelter, our information would be displayed so we could get her home safe and sound. Her name and our numbers are engraved on her tag. There are thousands of pets every year that become lost, and many are not reunited with their families because there is no way (aside from microchipped pets) for shelters to identify their owners.

Getting a tag for your pet is quick, easy and inexpensive. Many shelters hold tag days, which is a fun and quick method of purchasing a tag for your dog. Visit the Events page on the Ontario SPCA website to learn more about tag days and finding one in your area!