January 6, 2023

Caring for your pet rabbit

Did you know you can litter-train your rabbit like you do with cats? Here are some helpful tips to help you care for your…
August 12, 2022

Key tips to stop dogs from destructive chewing

Does your dog chew on things they shouldn’t? Dogs chewing on inappropriate objects, such as furniture, is a very common issue for pet owners. …
May 23, 2022

How to train your cat to wear a collar

You may typically associate collars with dogs, but cats can also be trained to wear them. In addition to microchipping, a collar with identification…
September 7, 2021

Back to school enrichment for animals

It’s  time to head back to school, which means fewer people at home with your animals during the day. This is a great opportunity for…
August 30, 2021

Try these treat tricks for your small animals!

We love our small companion animals , like rabbits and guinea pigs, but sometimes it can be difficult to know what treats to feed them. First,…
August 17, 2021

How to house train your dog

So you’ve just brought home a new little fur baby – how exciting! For new dog parents, learning to house train your dog may seem…
July 23, 2021

Feline fun – Tips to train your cat new cues

One of the fundamental puppy development stages is learning training cues from their fur parent. But dogs aren’t the only furry friends who can learn…
December 8, 2020

Crate training your adopted dog

As people begin relocating back into their offices and back to work, it is important that you know your dog is comfortable and safe…
September 10, 2020

Adoption tips: Dog-to-Dog Introductions

Planning to bring home a new dog? Here are some helpful adoption tips for dog-to-dog introductions. Introducing two unfamiliar dogs can be a stressful event…
August 25, 2020

Visual enrichment for your cat

As more and more businesses reopen, and many of us return to work, it’s important to think about how this change will affect our pets.
August 14, 2020

Loose leash walking: Making “walk time” enjoyable for both you and your dog

Teaching your dog to have healthy habits and good behaviour increases the human-animal bond and reduces the risk of any problems that may arise…
July 24, 2020

Dog bite prevention, and understanding canine body language

While some pets enjoy meeting new people and animals, others prefer their own space, and only the company of those they are most familiar…


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