The Cost of Owning a Pet

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Pet ownership can be on the the most rewarding experiences.   Having a cuddly companion to love and spend your days with is priceless.  Or is it?

Often, people make the decision to bring home a pet without any consideration for the financial commitment that comes with it.  According to the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), the annual average cost of puppy ownership in the first year ranges around $2,900 and a kitten’s first year can cost between $1,850 – $1,950.  See charts below for the cost breakdown.

Cost of owning a pet OMVA
Charts courtesy of OMVA. For details on these numbers, visit

Charts and explanations can be viewed here.

These are some of the items to consider when looking at adopting a new kitten or puppy.   If adopting through the Ontario SPCA, the adoption fee includes their spay/neuter and vaccinations.  If the puppy or kitten is too young to be spayed or neutered, you will receive a voucher to use when the animal is of age for the procedure.  Most pets will also come with 6-weeks of pet insurance.

If you ready to commit the time and finances required, please visit one of the Ontario SPCA Branches to see the wonderful pets available for adoption.





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