The Joy of Fostering 8 Puppies – Plus Mom!

by | Happy Tails |

Foster mom with eight puppies in Renfrew

The Ontario SPCA Renfrew County Branch recently had a foster home care for eight puppies and their mom! It was a struggle to find the right home for this group of pups, but the whole litter of eight plus mom have now been adopted into their forever home!

The wonderful foster family wrote this great piece about fostering that we want to share with you!

“What? Oh how can you do that? I could never do it!”

That seemed to be the immediate reaction of a lot of people when I shared how we stepped up to foster a mama and her eight babies in January from the Ontario SPCA Renfrew County Branch.

female dog who gave birth to eight puppies in Renfreew

To be honest, that was my reaction before I jumped into fostering with four feet. I include my husband’s feet also who helped tremendously by consenting to participate.

When the request came in, I shared the video of the puppies with him and said, “We have the room for this and the schedule, we could do this.” He agreed and they moved in! I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed and anxious in the beginning when the house suddenly became full. We also have an eight year old male Golden Retriever. Once the house found its balance filled with 10 dogs, they all became best friends.

There was a time in my life when I would never even have considered doing something like this.  I am still a little baffled at how I just agreed so quickly to take on fostering but I realize now this was a life lesson on realizing the heart is stronger than we ourselves know.

To all who think they are unable to foster because it would just break their heart when the time comes to say “goodbye,” I will share that I am the biggest faint-hearted dog lover there is. Helping with this family only proved to me that I am more able than I ever imagined I could be! An experience like this stretches you and it is times like these you treasure for the rest of your life. When we step out of our comfort zones we surprise ourselves with hidden strengths.

Puppies grow up fast so the time full of activity and pleasure really flies. When you foster you are tempted to keep them all but reality sinks in that they just don’t stay little forever. I learned that there are a lot of other great people out there that are just as capable as me in giving a dog a loving home!

New friendships were made because of this experience plus I now know I really am able to help our shelter in this way again if needed. Every helping hand is appreciated and the connection is so rewarding.

I’ve walked through a lot of interesting doors in my life and I am sure glad I tried the doggy door this time.

Thank you to the gals at the shelter who had more faith in me for this task than I did myself! We’re now the proud owners of two additional furballs, “Joy” and “Ditto.” We are very blessed that in a small community we are able to see the other puppies out and about growing up, including their mom!
Love, Jo

Now we would like to thank Jo and her husband for embracing these pups and their mom and taking such good care of them! Job well done!