This Thanksgiving, what are you giving thanks for?

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Here at the Ontario SPCA, we are thankful for so much, but most importantly, we are grateful for all the wonderful adopters that have given an animal a forever home this past year. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a wonderful animal placed in a loving forever home.

While we have so much to be thankful for, there are still many companions looking to be adopted. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to welcome a new addition to your family by providing a home to an animal in need.

Many of our animals have been rescued from neglect and abuse. Many have been relinquished to the streets to fend for themselves and have been brought in for protection. Now, it’s your turn to give these animals a second chance and something to be truly thankful for.

Whether you’re busy carving the turkey, setting the table or simply reflecting on what you’re most thankful for, adopting a pet could add a new layer of happiness to your life.

Visit the Ontario SPCA branch in your community to see what animals are waiting for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Your dedication and support

It is with and because of your dedication and support that helpless animals are being saved. Thank you for everything.