Tips for hosting an epic pet-friendly Cupcake Day party

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Tips to get your party started!

It’s so easy to host a National Cupcake Day™ party and “bake” a difference. You can register for free here.

Once registered, you can set up your very own Personal Fundraising Centre where you can promote your event, collect donations and upload images of yourself/your team, your pets and your baking creations.

Pet-friendly tips

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photo credit: clevercupcakes Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cupcake via photopin (license)

With your party set up and promoted, you can focus on running it! If your pets are going to be around during the party, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Cupcake sampling: Though it might be tempting to offer them a treat, your pets should not be sampling your cupcakes. Chocolate, sweets and baked goods can be dangerous for pets if ingested. See this blog for healthy alternative treats to give your pets. Also check out this blog for a great “pupcake” recipe.

Pupcakes are great treats made with dog friendly ingredients, that your furry friend will certainly think are ‘pawesome!’

Pet-safe spaceIf you have a lot of people coming over for your party, make sure you create a safe place for your pets to hide while they’re arriving. Consider putting them in a room with the radio on softly, their bed and some of their favourite toys. Once everyone settles in, you can bring your pet out to join the party!

Furry guests: A party is not a good time to introduce pets to each other. If you have friends who want to bring along their dog, consider doing a meet and greet at an earlier date so your pets can get familiar before the party.