Tips for training your cat

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Cats love to learn. Knowing that their actions will earn them a reward gives them a sense of control over their environment. In this blog, we’d like to share tips for training your cat! 

Why cat training? 

Training cats provides mental and physical stimulation, facilitates positive associations with humans, and can build confidence in shy or fearful cats. 

When implementing any of the training techniques below, remember to work with patience and consistency. 

Keep in mind you can address undesirable behaviours with stress reduction strategies, and you can promote desirable behaviours with enrichment and socialization strategies. 

Training cats to wear a collar:

You may typically associate collars with dogs, but cats can also be trained to wear them. In addition to microchipping, a collar with identification tags can assist in helping your cat be reunited with your family if they get lost. Read how to train your cat to wear a collar.  

Wearing a leash/harness

If you would like to teach a cat to walk on a leash, you will need to teach the cat to wear a harness for safety. Never attach a cat’s leash directly to a collar. Learn how to teach a cat to wear a harness. Learn how to teach a cat to walk on a leash. 

Wearing a holster

A great alternative to a harness is a cat holster. The holster prevents pressure associated with harness straps, avoids the stress and frustration often associated with getting a harness on and off, and is safe and comfortable. Find more about holsters. 

Teaching sit

Teaching cats and kittens to sit is easy, and it teaches them to be calm and polite, rather than to jump, claw or meow for what they want. Check out the steps here. 

There are so many ways to engage positively with your cat through training. We hope you found this article helpful to get you started with training your cat. 


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