Top 10 Mistakes of Pet Owners

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I was talking with an acquaintance the other day when we got onto the subject of pets. I mentioned I had a dog named Jersey and she exclaimed “Oh! I just got a dog, he is the cutest thing! I don’t know much about dogs. My friend told me just to whack him on the behind with a newspaper if he pees in the house. It doesn’t seem to be working though…”

Unfortunately, she is setting her poor puppy up for failure with her incorrect training methods. It has been proven time after time that using positive reinforcement and routine pee schedule (that is adjusted for the puppy’s age) will get the job done, not punishment.

Instead of telling her what I knew about puppy training, I suggested that she reach out to her local obedience school or animal education centre. Even a phone call could connect her with experienced animal trainers, and hopefully start her down the path to knowledge. Most likely, a few positive suggestions from such a person will show her that there is a lot more to learn about puppy training!

If you know someone who has recently has a new furry friend but doesn’t know where to start, they can reach the Ontario SPCA’s Provincial Education and Animal Centre. They can provide valuable resources on pet health, training, nutrition and more! Contact them at (905) 898-7122 or email PEAC.

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