Truly Amazing Update On Sarge!

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Sarge, Mancusos and cart
Sandy and Lee Mancuso who donated the cart, along with Sarge and the cart.

On March 20th, we shared the story of Sarge and Scout. Sarge was adopted from the Ontario SPCA Barrie Branch by Tanya Thompson, a dedicated pet lover, and was later diagnosed with Fibrotic Myopathy, a degenerative condition that would eventually degrade his ability to use his hind legs. Scout was found by Tanya on a sweltering hot weekday afternoon tied to a sparse tree, with little access to shade. Tanya then adopted him.

Since that story, Tanya has provided us with another update on Sarge and Scout. This is what she had to say:

A few months ago you featured a story on my two boys Sarge & Scout in your blog – to which I received a great response. In fact, a lady who read the story came forward and wanted to donate a ‘cart’ that would allow Sarge the ability to keep walking as he is losing his hind end. Just as we were coordinating a pick-up date, Sarge was then diagnosed with hemangio-sarcoma. As you may be aware, this is one of the worst diagnosis – cancer of the blood vessels. Sarge was given at most a month to live.  So with this new battle, I kindly declined the cart as we had a bigger war on the horizon. This diagnosis followed needle-testing, ultrasounds, and specialist examinations at the 404 Referral Clinic.

It seemed the diagnosis was off, as Sarge is still with us. However, his fibrotic myopathy is progressing. So last weekend I re-contacted Sandy’via email to see if the cart was still available. She called me within 10 minutes and said it was mine if I wanted it.  So this Sunday we are meeting and they will adjust the cart for Sarge. These are truly special people!

My note is to not only to commend the medical, and adoption work you do, but to also applaud you on the connections that your communications allows. This story and this connection, will allow my big boy the ability to continue to get around for his beloved walks for the foreseeable future.

I know sometimes ‘good stories’ are hard to find, but I wanted to let you know that you helped to make one happen.

Thank you.

We are truly touched that a story we posted on our blog was able to bring about such a great response. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports the Ontario SPCA and our fellow adopters by reading this blog. We would also like to thank the kind lady Sandy who is providing Sarge with this cart. We wish Tanya, Sarge and Scout all the best!

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Speaking for the ones who can’t speak for themselves

Keep up the good work speaking for the ones who can’t speak for themselves. A society who cares for their animals is a better society.  Thanks for your good work!