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Didi at home with her little feline friends.
Didi (left) at home with her little feline friends.

We loved getting updates on our adopted friends.  Laura and Mark recently sent us this heart warming update on Diana who was adopted from the Ontario SPCA Muskoka Animal Centre on August 23rd, 2013.

Some things are just meant to be and sometimes we’re meant to be together and that’s how we had the great luck to find Didi, our little white Yorkie/Maltese Terrier.

After losing our little dog of sixteen years, brokenhearted but not sure if we were ready to commit to someone new, we did a search on what we thought was our local SPCA’s website and somehow came up to the Muskoka Branch.  (we’re from Newmarket!) The first dog that popped up was, “Didi.”

There was something so familiar about her eyes, big, black, shiny, soulful and she looked like she was smiling! Her bright spirit just shone through. People kept saying: “you can’t replace your other dog!” We did some deep soul searching based around that comment and our theory was – our hearts are broken this little dog in Bracebridge needs a home so why not heal together.

We adopted Didi the next day and on each day forth we have celebrated the memory of the little dog we lost as we embark on new adventures with the little dog we adopted. Didi moved right into our lives, as if she’d been there all along. She immediately adopted our cats and in particular our little kitten. Making friends, animal or human is her specialty. Adjustment to home life has been seamless but where Didi has really found her niche is at work. We own our own business so Monday to Friday she comes to the office. Now she’s the first one in the car when we say, “Didi, go to work?” She smiles her way through the day, greeting staff, couriers and customers. She takes various walk breaks (snooze breaks too) and is the self appointed lunch room monitor and clean up crew. She’s been seen racing through the warehouse, kicking up her heels (it could be stiff back legs or a bit of arthritis – she’s at least eight years old – but we’re pretty sure it’s joy).

We wanted to compliment you on your immaculate and cheery facility and on the kind, friendly and generous people who work there.  We were immensely impressed. We also want to thank you profusely for saving Didi and for the extra care that you gave to her, recognizing that she still had so much love to share. She is a very special little dog. She has lifted our hearts!!!

 Please say thank you to all your wonderful staff and we promise to take very good care of this wonderful little lady!

 Best wishes to all.  If we’re ever passing by we’ll bring her by to say hello. But only for a visit…

 Laura and Mark


We have supported the OSPCA since 1951

We have supported OSPCA since our arrival in Canada in 1951.  Keep up the greatest  T.L.C. for animals.

-Paul & Des