Update on Canada – Now Renamed Hadfield

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Hadfield at the lake

Canada, now renamed Hadfield, was adopted from the Provincial Education & Animal Centre. His new family could not be happier with Hadfield! He is even going to be trained as a service dog!

Read what Hadfield’s new owner had to say about him:

My parents adopted “Canada” for my daughter Alyssa (with my permission and thanks!)

We had been looking for a dog as a companion for Alyssa to help with her anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Our long term goal is for the puppy to be trained as a service dog, but he’s only 11 weeks old so we have lots of time to get there!

We renamed the beautiful puppy Hadfield, after Col Chris Hadfield. He joins our family of myself, my husband Steven, two daughters, Caitlin and Alyssa, and a slew of house critters – three cats: Fiona, Tiberius and Smaug, and one very elderly dog, Worf.

Worf and Alyssa are both the same age – 16. As you can imagine, they are very close, and although Worf is still in reasonable health, being a Sheppard/Lab cross at his age, we know that we are on borrowed time with him.

Worf and Hadfield have been getting along very well. Our older puppy has been keeping the new little guy in line for the most part and Hadfield has brought a bit of play back to the old fellow.

Alyssa is just thrilled with Hadfield, as are all of us; he’s already growing bigger!

We’re so happy for Hadfield and his new family!

Hadfield with his new family member!
Sleepy Hadfield!
We have supported the OSPCA since 1951

We have supported OSPCA since our arrival in Canada in 1951.  Keep up the greatest  T.L.C. for animals.

-Paul & Des