Was it fate that brought Katie the cat and her new owner together?

by | Happy Tails |

Sometimes, when you hear stories like this, you really have to wonder if fate plays a role in our lives.

Carol was visiting the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre  (PEAC) where she immediately fell in love Katie, an affectionate grey and black cat that so closely resembled here previous companion that she and her late husband had for years.  She hadn’t planned on adopting another cat but was drawn to Katie and went home thinking about her.  Two days later, having Katie at the back her mind, she decided it was meant to be and she called about adopting Katie.  Sadly, Katie had been adopted already.

A few days later, Carol was notived by PEAC staff that Katie had returned to the centre after having been let out by her new owners, and was picked up by another shelter in Toronto.  Upon hearing the news, Carol returned to PEAC where she first met Katie, and they were reunited.  Katie responded to Carol with a great deal of purring and a hug.  (Katie was known by shelter staff as the hugging cat as she liked to wrap her paws around their neck as a sign of affection.)  Carol signed the paper work and with the help of the friendly staff, was taking Katie to her forever home.

Katie - It's sleepy time
Sleeping on her back, Katie takes up her usual sleeping pose after giving Carol her goodnight hug.
Katie feels relaxed in her new home.
Katie feels relaxed in her new home.

Carol has since updated us on Katie’s progress:

Upon arriving home she inspected her new abode thoroughly and went to places I had never been! Dangling in dust bunnies, she joined me on the sofa with an affirmative “Meow” and “purr.” She also got a rare treat of wet cat food and thus, seemed like we had bonded ‘forever’.

Cake and ice cream for me later was an obvious enticement for Katie as she sat on the back of the sofa draping her massive pretty paws over my shoulder…watching every fork full. She was observant and polite and very interested, but ‘no samples this time’ – after all I wanted her to remain as healthy as when I adopted her.  Each time that first evening I got up to get something or do something, she gleefully bounced ahead, up the stairs – stopped – looked at me as if to say, “is it bedtime?” I told her kindly, “Don’t worry Katie – bedtime soon.”  Katie had beat me to the bed and proceeded to climb on top of my chest and the covers and put her front legs around my neck and hugged me with all her might.  



She then retreated a bit, sat and looked at me…and I chatted to her which prompted her to repeat the whole exercise again.  I know; she was waiting for ‘Mommy’ to turn out the light.  When this did not happen she went to one corner of the expansive bed – lay on her back and confidently dangled her legs in four directions.  She was ‘at home’.  When lights out finally came, I was cozying in and within seconds was joined on and at my head by my Katie.  She kissed my forehead, my ear and my cheeks and purring as loudly as one would ever hear, snuggled in and gently draped her paws on my arm.  That purring motor kept running long after I was hoping to sleep.   

I was awakened at 9:00 a.m. by some chattering meows – like talking, and a firm gallop across the bedroom floor.  And only when I opened one eye and looked at her did she stop – and say “Mew?”

Time to go down to the kitchen and she, more talkative than I. What happened to “time to sleep.” As she nibbled her food, I praised her for her litter box visits in the night and as I got out a compost bag she took off like a shot through what to her was an obstacle course of unknown tables and legs and furnishings she’d barely become accustomed to and was heading upstairs to the bedroom. Not intimidated did I say? Hmmm. I talked to her and stopped what I was doing with the little bag immediately saying, “It’s O.K. Katie.”

So – seven years and one unknown few weeks of a sweet cat’s life; who knew what bad memories prevailed? I’ve easily decided never to touch a simple plastic bag again when she’s at my feet – as Katie and I are ‘a family’ and she has to know she’s safe and loved and nothing in her new home will hurt her.  There have been a few plaintiff meows as though in search of something no longer found – and to these I simply said, “It’s O.K. Katie. You’ll be O.K.” and stoked her or scratched her head. The closing eyes as I speak to her tell me she trusts me and as if to say, “Thanks Mommy – I know – everything’s O.K.”

I encourage every animal loving person to go see ‘who’s waiting for you’ at your local Ontario SPCA. They wait, they love, they show enthusiasm, they try to be their sweet selves, but looking through the glass isn’t easy for them either.  Give them a moment of your time; they’ll be grateful and sometimes uninhibited – ’cause you’re ‘you’ and they just want to be your forever ‘friend’.


I hope you’ll be as happy as we are!  

Love Carol and Katie.


Speaking for the ones who can’t speak for themselves

Keep up the good work speaking for the ones who can’t speak for themselves. A society who cares for their animals is a better society.  Thanks for your good work!