Waterless Bathing for your Pet

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As nice as it would be to have perpetually clean critters, most pet owners know that their furry friends have a tendency to get dirty. Even the cleanest housepet will get into something he or she shouldn’t. Jersey has the ability to smell something horrible and will promptly roll in it the minute my back is turned at the dog park. It isn’t until we get back into the car to drive home when the stench hits. Her grinning face always stares back at me as if to say “Who me?”

Not all dogs will fit in the bath!
Not all dogs will fit in the bath!

While the ability to bath outdoors or in a suitable tub might be an option for some owners, many pet enthusiasts are forced to consider alternate cleaning solutions for when the weather turns cold.

Spray– Many companies sell these waterless shampoos, which work by spraying on the coat, rubbing it in and then wiping it off with a dry towel.

Foam– Simply apply the foam to your dog with your hands or a towel, and let it sit. Some owners have commented that certain brands can dry out your pet’s coat. Read product reviews before selecting a pet foam.

Wipes– These are pre-treated wipes that are moist. To use, run the wipes in the direction of the fur. You may have to go over your dog twice in certain areas if they have a particular large or thick coat.

Waterless Towel– These towels are similar to wipes, except they are larger sizes and need to be moistened with water before use. The cleaning solution is woven into the towel so there is no need to apply additional shampoo.

The product that works best for one pet with a short coat may not be suitable for pets with longer fur. Always avoid getting water or cleaning shampoo in your pet’s eyes or ears because it can cause severe irritation. Only use pet-friendly products as human shampoos and hair care can cause itching and dryness.

Keep your pet clean and smelling nice this winter with some pet-friendly waterless cleaning products!