What is Canine-ality™?

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Meet Your Match Canine Sticker

Knowing a bit about a dog before bringing him home can really help the romance last. How do we know this? The Meet Your Match (MYM) Canine-ality Adoption Program,  our color coding method for matching shelter dogs with adopters, is making it possible for you to know a little about a dog’s behavior before bringing him home. Finding the perfect pooch is a serious undertaking! That’s why the MYM program is so important.

How Does Canine-ality work?

Every dog has a colorful canine-ality. Every person has a colorful person-ality. The Canine-ality Adoption Program reveals both a dog’s and an adopter’s true colors so that you can make a more informed choice about the pooch you bring home. Here’s how:

  • The Canine-ality Assessment
  • The Dog Adopter Survey

The Canine-ality Assessment: This assessment takes some of the mystery out of the selection process by evaluating a pooch’s:

  • Friendliness and sociability
  • Playfulness
  • Energy level and ability to focus
  • Motivation (food, people, toys, internal motivations, etc.)
  • “People manners”

Once they’ve been assessed, dogs are given a color—either green, orange or purple—that reveals where they stand in each of these areas.

The Dog Adopter Survey: Here’s where you come in. You can complete this fun one-pager in a matter of minutes to help find out which canine-alities get along best with your personality. The survey is lighthearted and upbeat, and after taking it, you’ll find out what color you are.

  • Green adopters are most successful with pooches who like to be physically and mentally engaged.
  • Orange adopters are a good fit with middle-of-the-road dogs who are responsive and enjoy regular activity and interaction.
  • Purple adopters are comfortable with canines who have a laidback attitude and prefer an easygoing lifestyle.

Now you’re off—with a color-coded guest pass in hand—to find your new companion. As you pass each furry face, you’ll notice the dogs have color cards on their cages. You don’t have to choose a pooch whose color matches yours—love at first sight does happen. But knowing the color lets you at least prepare for the way your four-legged love will respond when he gets home.

To take the dog adopter survey click here and to learn more about Canine-ality visit meetyourmatch.ontariospca.ca.