What Not to Buy for Your Pet this Holiday Season

by | General Pet Care |

Like many pet owners, you will probably have gifts under the tree for your fur babies.   Special dog treats, a winter sweater, a brand new shiny toy, maybe some bling. While there are a wide variety of gifts available for your pet, here are some ideas on silly or down-right frivolous gifts you may want to avoid this holiday season.

  • Pet apparel with fur trimming. While some pets do require outside gear for extremely cold or wet weather, stick to natural materials such as recycled cotton or other organic materials. They will be cozy and you will be helping the environment!
  • Pet perfume.The idea of spraying your furry friend with some scents may seem appealing, but they can often dry the skin and irritate eyes, nose and ears. Instead of faux scents, keep to a regular grooming routine that can include waterless bathing to keep their coat shiny and smelling nice.
  • Eyeglasses and goggles.Unless your pet has a specific ocular disease where he or she has been prescribed to wear goggles for protective purposes, skip the trendy eyewear. It might look cute, but chances are it will just annoy your pet and pull at the fur on their head.
  • Crystal-encrusted bowls. While these might seem attractive as first, wear and tear will cause the decorations to dislodge and possibly be ingested by your pet. Do your pet a favour and invest in a properly-sized stainless steel bowl instead.
A crystal-studded dog bowl

While many pets have the luxury of owners who are willing to spend big dollars on holiday presents, consider using that money to help other pets who don’t have anybody to love them this holiday season.   There are many ways you can help:  Donate online, purchase or donate items for your local Ontario SPCA shelter’s Wish List, or visit www.pawsandgive.ca.