Why You Need Pet Insurance

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I was reading the newspaper the other day when I read a touching story about a dog who had lost his leg in a car accident, and then had it replaced with a prosthetic. The owners recounted how he had become entirely comfortable and self- sufficient with his prosthetic leg, however the costs would have been astronomical without their pet insurance to cover it. I had been introduced to the idea of pet insurance when Jersey was a puppy on that first trip to the vet’s office. I took the pamphlet but did not think much of it after that.

After reading the story in the newspaper, I realized I needed to learn more about pet insurance. My family has health care, our house and car are insured, and even my horse has major medical and mortality. It suddenly hit me that it did not make sense for Jersey NOT to have health insurance. With diseases and major illnesses such as cancer or arthritis that tends to affect animals more frequently theses days, how would we afford surgery or years of medications? I couldn’t imagine the costs of that, or having to tap into precious savings to pay for it out of pocket.

Pet insurance provides you peace of mind

I talked to a representative at the Ontario SPCA Pet Insurance. He provided me with a wealth of information about how pet insurance works and how it would benefit Jersey. There are different levels of insurance that owners can choose from at various price points which provide selected amounts of coverage in case of illness or injury. The basic plans were very affordable and would prevent us from experiencing financial hardship without sacrificing the best care and any required medications for Jersey. Pet insurance works in a similar fashion to the car insurance model, where (depending on your plan) you pay the deductible and submit a veterinarian’s report and receipts.

One piece of information that really stuck with me after speaking with the representative was that surveys show that pet owners will not refuse medical care if their pet is ill. That means that regardless of the cost, most owners are prepared to pay whatever is needed to help their injured or sick pet. However the possibility of facing financial difficulty after large medical bills is daunting for most families. The bottom line is that pet insurance will give your pet the medical they need in case of an emergency, and you will not have to sacrifice yourself financially to do so.

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