How do I….Protect my Goldfish from Cats?

by | General Pet Care |

Fish can make great pets, especially for those who aren’t up to the rigors of dogs or other large pets. They are easy to care for, do not irritate allergies and they are relatively low maintenance.

There is one major thing you need to consider before bringing a fish home, and that is your existing pet. Many dogs and even cats consider the sight of goldfish swimming to and fro as a mild amusement. While some pets enjoy watching your fish swim, it is the pets that become focused on your fish or tend to stare at the them for extended periods of time that might do more than look. Your pet and your goldfish may co-exist for years, until one day when curiosity gets the better of your dog or cat and you may find yourself minus one goldfish.

The best way to protect your goldfish from cats is to buy a tank that has a hard lid which is fixed in a way that will be difficult for another pet to dislodge. If you already own a tank that doesn’t have a top, try covering the top of the tank with a mesh screening to discourage pets from dipping inside. Another option is to place artificial floating leaves on the top of the tank. If your pet is unable to see past the leaves, it will be a lot more difficult to dip a paw or attempted a mouthful in the attempt to catch your goldfish.

While most pets can cohabitate peacefully, always monitor your pet’s behavior to make sure your goldfish stay safe!