meet liz one of our donorsLiz never felt comfortable with the way her family treated their dogs when she was growing up. They were always tied up outside. While she knows that her parents didn’t know any better, she has fought for the welfare of all animals big and small ever since.

Her early childhood experiences formed the basis of her desire to help all living creatures, and she has done so much for the animals throughout her life.

She has had 11 cats thus far, starting with Tiger in the late 70s. Almost all of her cats were rescues. Liz can’t imagine her life without these perfect companions. After her last two cats died, Tilly and Toby, who were 18 and 19, she swore she wouldn’t get any more cats. But all it took was a co-worker showing her a picture of two little kittens looking for a forever home, and two weeks later, they were living with Liz.

And it’s not just cats she loves. She puts unsalted peanuts out for the squirrels, bunnies, chipmunks and birds who pass through her condo garden. Once, she even tried to save a mouse’s life by giving it chest compressions.

Anything, even an injured bird when I was a kid, I’d nurture back to health. I’ve just always had that crazy compassion for anything living.

Animals mean the world to Liz. So, when it came time to update her will, she didn’t have to think for long about the legacy she wanted to leave. Remembering the Ontario SPCA with a gift in her will, which she has supported since the 90s when she was first delighted by the calendar, was as natural as adopting another cat.

Liz’s spirit, love and compassion will extend beyond her lifetime in every creature she’ll aid with her generosity.

My heart is in animal welfare, and I want to make the largest impact I can on the welfare and care and rehabilitation of animals. The gift in my will is going to just one place – the Ontario SPCA.