How you Will live on through the animals

Your Legacy for AnimalsWhen you look back at your life, what are some of your fondest memories? Like so many of us, we can guess that some of your favourite moments may involve your connection to a pet or animal – a bird or a bunny, a dog or a cat, or perhaps even a horse, turtle or fish. Animals have likely been one of your most treasured friends and true companions in life.

When you think about your life’s purpose, the difference you’ve made, and how you can leave the world a better place, do think about your love for the animals? If so, a gift in your Will to the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society might be part of your legacy.

By remembering the Ontario SPCA in your Will, you can:
  • Provide funding for animal care while pets wait for their forever families
  • Spay/neuter animals to prevent pet overpopulation
  • Fund the medical and enrichment needs of the animals while in our care, keeping them as comfortable as possible
  • Assist caretakers in managing feral cat colonies
  • Reduce overpopulation in the North by transporting animals in need of homes to centres around the province where they can be adopted
  • Ensure that our education programs continue, teaching compassion and empathy to the next generation
  • Your charitable bequest will go directly to the programs you may have supported already in your lifetime. You can also choose to dedicate your gift to a particular area of the work you care so much about