kevin mackenzie head shot with dogPhilanthropy provides you with joy. It’s actually science! For that reason, I feel so fortunate to be in my role right now at the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. As a life-long animal lover myself, I take special pride in the work I do, connecting passion for animals with the impactful work that changes animals’ lives.

Never has there been a time where so many exciting things were happening for animals in Ontario, and none of it can happen without you – our friends in the community who make everything we do possible. By making a Leadership Gift, you are moving the dial within our industry, becoming a problem solver, and joining our mission.

There are many significant opportunities to impact the lives of animals across the province! Let me tell you about a few. Click on the title below to read more.

Provincial Dog Rehabilitation Centre

The Ontario SPCA Provincial Dog Rehabilitation Centre campaign is underway. Based out of the new Peterborough Humane Society, the Ontario SPCA will operate this innovative first of its kind centre assisting dogs from all over Ontario. Sometimes dogs come into our care who have had a tough time. Victims of abuse & neglect sometimes need help rebuilding their trust – rebuilding their psyche – and helping them on their journey before finding their forever home.

The Provincial Dog Rehabilitation Centre will help those dogs who haven’t been so lucky and give them a better chance for a successful adoption. This innovative new Centre will also feature a “living room” setting, specifically designed to help dogs that come out of the North who may have never lived indoors before. By introducing them to televisions, couches, carpet, and other common household items, it will help them become comfortable with those items and in that setting before the adoption process takes place.

Since 2013 the ASPCA in the United States has operated a similar centre, experiencing tremendous success taking in dogs that other shelters did not have the time or expertise to help. The Ontario SPCA is thrilled to fill this gap in Ontario and ask you to help us make it a reality by supporting this incredible campaign.


Mobile Spay/Neuter Services

I referenced Spay/Neuter procedures, and the easiest way to ease the burden on Animal Centres across the province is via the prevention of unwanted animals. So many people across Ontario want to spay or neuter their pet, but the realities of life and costs associated with the procedures can make this a challenging decision. While the majority of pet owners want to be responsible and spay or neuter their pet, the truth of the matter is many people face difficult decisions. Bills must be paid. Rent or mortgages are expensive. Groceries need to be purchased. The Ontario SPCA recognizes the importance of providing affordable spay/neuter services within the province. Since 2009, the Ontario SPCA has operated two high volume spay/neuter facilities that have been met with overwhelming requests from the public. Waitlists exist at both of these locations still, to this day. Continuing to prioritize bringing spay/neuter services to as many communities as possible, the Ontario SPCA is proud to be very close to acquiring our very own mobile spay/neuter vehicle.

Having our very own spay/neuter mobile unit will further allow the Ontario SPCA to bring affordable critically needed services to the communities that need them the most. Help bring these services to as many communities as possible with a Leadership Gift to this program today.


These are two current distinct projects and areas of support, but the truth is, those are just the tip of the iceberg! With twelve animal centres across the province and our spay/neuter services, the Ontario SPCA has many leadership funding opportunities.

I would like to learn more about what matters to you, why you want to make an impact in the lives of animals, and how together we can make that happen. I love meeting animal lovers and helping them channel that passion into meaningful support. I hope we get the chance to talk soon.