Outside Cage

All of the items that are described for play while the cat is in the cage can be used for play outside of the cage. Here are some additional items you can use for play outside of the cage:

Laser Pointers

Laser pointers can be a great source of fun when used correctly. Never shine the laser pointer directly at the cat to avoid eye damage. Remember that it can be a frustrating experience for the cat to continually chase something he can never catch. Try adding a treat reward periodically where you point the laser, this will give the cat the satisfaction of getting something for all his efforts in chasing that red dot.

Shoe Boxes – Cardboard Boxes

You can use these boxes in several different ways:

  • Create a hiding spot for shy cats, or a bed for cats to sleep in
  • Turn a sturdy box upside down to create a perch
  • Cut one of the short sides out and turn upside down to create hiding and perching spots
Fishing Rod with a Toy on the End

Cast the line into the room and then reel it back. This can be done several times and does not require entering the room at all, which can be especially helpful in the case of isolation rooms.


Cats need the opportunity to hide. Make sure to have a hiding place available for the cat, even when the cat is engaged in play outside of the cage.

Tunnels are a great and fun alternative to the traditional hiding items (Cat Cabin, Hide, Perch & Go box™, shoe box etc.). Tunnels can also allow the cat to engage in a game of hide and seek with others.

Cat Towers

Cat towers are a great way to increase vertical space. They provide several platforms, allowing the cat to choose where it feels most comfortable and safe. They also allow several cats to enjoy perching. Cat towers can be purchased from Kuranda, but you can also build them yourself.

Find instructions on how to build cat towers using fabric platforms or suspended hammocks.


The following has been adapted from material on the ASPCApro website.

cats laying in hammocksCats like to make use of vertical spaces in their environment, so a kitty hammock would be a perfect addition to an individual or communal room setting.

Cats enjoy relaxing in hammocks. Their relaxed and happy appearance in the hammocks can catch the eye of the potential adopter and encourage social interactions and possibly adoptions.

Find complete instructions on how to make a Kitty Hammock.

Cat Trees

cat food towerThe cat tree is a similar concept to the cat tower and is a great way to artistically showcase your cats. The welded structure pictured on the left was built out of metal and used industrial salad bowls as the resting perches. Circular metal rings (which secure the industrial salad bowls) and metal platforms are welded in place to the main tree structure. Cat beds that specifically fit the salad bowls can be made by volunteers to make this cat tree experience even more pleasant.

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