Interactive Playtime

Playing with people can provide social interaction and opportunity for more physical activity. It can also contribute to the cat’s socialization. Whether done within an enclosure, or in a playroom, interactive play can entice most cats. Items such as fishing poles, feather wands, retrievable items or laser pointers that allow the cat to engage in predatory behaviour (, pounce, capture) are generally favoured by cats.

Non-hazardous toys can be left in the room for cats to play with on their own. Toys that provide movement are considered best. Balls are excellent for this purpose, as they can be propelled by the cat and offer the predatory opportunities noted earlier.

As with all forms of enrichment, ensure each cat has access to one or more toys during the course of the day.

stop sign iconAvoid toys with small or ingestible parts; toys with strings or other materials that a cat might ingest should be removed after play.

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