In-Kennel Quiet Time

Most of the time when we approach a kennel, the dog anticipates an event or activity that elicits arousal (e.g. feeding, walks). Dogs require routines that also include quiet time and socialization with people. We can accomplish this by spending time with the dog within the kennel, sitting quietly, offering affection, and having what may look like a one-sided conversation. This can work especially well for shy or fearful dogs, as you can be in the kennel with them, with no real expectation of interaction, or contact.
stop sign iconFor safety, avoid sitting on the kennel floor. Placing a temporary chair in the front corner is recommended. Do not sit at the back of the kennel where you can be cornered and have no escape route.

If the dog is very social and enjoys some up-close and personal cuddle time, a cushion on the floor may be a safe seating option.

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