April 13, 2021

Why do dogs beg?

Why do dogs beg? Your dog has many needs, and the more you’re aware of, the happier your dog will be! Why does your dog…
March 23, 2021

How to stay productive while working with a dog at home

Try these tips if you’ve run out of ideas to keep your dog busy while you work from home!  Sharing your workspace…
March 18, 2021

Tips to take the stress out of moving day for your dog

If you’ve ever had to move to a new house, you know there is a lot to think about leading up to the big…
February 25, 2021

How do I get my dog to stop eating off the table?

When you are in the kitchen cooking or eating, you might find your dog reaching for your food. It may be due to boredom, curiosity…
February 2, 2021

Why does my dog scoot on the carpet?

Did you know, dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds can have issues with their anal glands? In this second installment of our Ask…
January 15, 2021

How do I stop my dogs from marking territory indoors?

One of the questions we receive at our animal centres is how to stop dogs from marking territory indoors. We have some simple tips you…
September 18, 2020

Helpful hints for bringing your new dog home!

Bringing home a new puppy or dog is an exciting time for everyone! Whether you’ve had a dog before or are new to the…
March 17, 2020

How dogs really see the world

Can dogs see only in black and white? Or do they see colours too? In this video, Jennifer Toof, Manager, Programs and Community Outreach at the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, breaks down for us, how dogs see the world. Want more content like this? Hit that Subscribe button on YouTube to show your support! Also, make sure to visit http://shelterhealthpro.com/ for more training and enrichment resources for your pet. https://youtu.be/-HjF1jVfdvI
May 21, 2019

How to trim your pet’s nails – Step-by-step video!

Ever wondered how to properly trim your pet’s nails? In this video, Ontario SPCA and Humane Society Registered Veterinary Technician, Darci, walks us through how…


As an animal lover all the work you do

As an animal lover all the work you do to help ensure that every dog and cat can find their forever home that is filled with love is greatly appreciated.