January 12, 2021

Preventing your pet from gaining weight this winter

If your companion animal tends to gain a little extra weight during the winter season – this blog is for you! The best thing you…
January 7, 2021

Puppy and Kitten Fragility

Puppies and kittens receive immune protection (maternally derived antibodies – MDAs) by drinking their mom’s first milk called colostrum. While human babies receive immune protection…
January 3, 2021

Preparing your entire family for a newborn

Guest blog from Pet Talk. Expecting parents are often as busy as they are excited while they’re preparing to welcome a new baby to their…
January 1, 2021

How to get off on the right paw this new year

Well, you did it! You’ve made it through 2020 and are ready for a new beginning in 2021. We want to help make sure you…
December 31, 2020

New Year’s Eve safety tips for your furry friend

We made it! 2021 is just around the corner, and though many celebrations may not be the same as last year, you can still celebrate…
December 25, 2020

Five Christmas activities to do with pets

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! This Christmas may look different for us, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it with our…
December 24, 2020

Holiday safety tips for your furry friend

Can you believe it’s already Christmas Eve? And though they may be looking different this year for many of us, it’s still important to know…
December 21, 2020

Cold weather pet safety tips

With the winter season upon us, it is important to remember that our furry friends can also get cold. If it’s too cold for you,…
November 27, 2020

Rabbit adoption tips

So you’ve added a rabbit to your family – congratulations! Here are some helpful rabbit adoption tips to ensure the transition into their new home,…
November 6, 2020

Stay Curious with Mayim Bialik and Royal Canin!

Sponsored by Royal Canin Cats are endlessly curious about the world around them and that keeps us curious too.  As cat parents we’re…
October 30, 2020

How to create a fear free, happy Halloween for your pets

Halloween night is filled with many unfamiliar sights and sounds which can be quite scary for your pet! Luckily, some small changes can make it…
October 26, 2020

Socializing Small Animals

Small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, and mice make wonderful furry friends. Since they are so small you might assume that it is okay…


As an animal lover all the work you do

As an animal lover all the work you do to help ensure that every dog and cat can find their forever home that is filled with love is greatly appreciated.