November 6, 2017

What happens after surgery? Post-op recovery Part 2: Dogs

A few weeks ago we highlighted post-operative care for cats, and this week we’re following it up with tips for your …
August 14, 2017

Why live trapping and relocation of wildlife doesn’t work

Home developments are impeaching more and more on wildlife's habitat all the time. With a little understanding, patienc…
April 6, 2017

Low Cost Rabies & Microchip Clinics in Ontario – 2017

  Having your pet vaccinated for rabies, and getting a microchip, are both important part of pet ownership! To en…
November 4, 2016

Northern community transfer dogs ready for adoption!

In early October, 58 dogs arrived through a transfer from a northern Ontario community and are now ready to be…
September 21, 2016

Barney the poodle has healed & now needs help finding a new home

This poodle is ready for a new start Barney is a 3 year old miniature poodle mix was found as a stray in downt…
November 23, 2015

No Better Time! Adopt a Senior Dog

Many people go to shelters to look for young animals. The kittens, puppies, and other baby animals steal our hear…
February 13, 2015

What To Know Before Adopting a Ferret

It’s important to research the needs of any potential pet beforehand to see whether the two of you will be com…
November 20, 2014

The Dangers of Pets Riding in Cars

Does your pet go on car rides with you? Most pet owners view their pets as members of the family and often include …


Thank you for your dedication

Thank you for your dedication to helping the animals.  Every animal deserves a loving home and to be treated royally.  Just imagine a day without animal cruelty.  What a wonderful day that would be!