March 4, 2019

Ontario SPCA spay/neuter services have curbed overpopulation by an estimated 5.3 million pets

March is Fix Your Pet Month and the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is urging pet owners to have their cats and dogs …
March 3, 2019

Choosing a Pet Sitter

Pet sitters are professional, qualified individuals paid to visit your house and spend quality time with your pet. A …
March 2, 2019

Guide to Dog Bite Prevention

Most dogs are loving, devoted companions, but any dog may bite if provoked. The Ontario SPCA is very concerned about …
March 1, 2019

Beautiful goats Lady & Lavender are our March Animal Rescue Story!

  Meet Lavender and Lady, a mother and daughter pair! Their fur-mom, Diane, originally was visiting the Ontario…
February 28, 2019

Does my cat really love me?

Cats can be tricky pets to understand. Dogs let you know regularly that you are the centre of their universe and shower…
February 27, 2019

Adopting a Cat – Ain’t Misbehavin

Cat behaviour issues These are a few tips to help you deal with common cat behaviour issues. For more details,…
February 26, 2019

How to fit your dog for winter boots: Video

A good pair of boots offers warmth, traction on ice and frozen surfaces and protection from frost bite and salt on the …
February 25, 2019

Last minute ways to support National Cupcake Day™ for SPCA and Humane Societies

Today is National Cupcake Day™ for SPCAs and Humane Societies! Don't worry - it's not too late to support animals in …
February 22, 2019

Tips for hosting an epic pet-friendly Cupcake Day party

Tips to get your party started! It's so easy to host a National Cupcake Day™ party and "bake" a difference. You can…
February 21, 2019

9 ways to save money on your pet’s medical care

When adopting a pet, it’s important to know the costs that may incur from their medical care – so how can you prepa…
February 19, 2019

Veterinary dentistry: What will your pet experience during an appointment

February is Dental Health Month, and it has us thinking about how to better care for our pet's teeth! In this podcas…
February 17, 2019

Choosing the Right Canine Companion

Ontario SPCA and Humane Society adoption centres have a wide range of wonderful dogs available for adoption. Dogs who…


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